Trip Program

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

Our guide will pick you up from the hotel and you start the mighty journey to Sipi Falls. You will be travelling 317 km for approximately 5-6 hours North East of Uganda. You will have a lunch break at Jinja town before proceeding for Sipi falls. Along the way you will pass through Mabira forest which is one of Uganda’s conservation areas with a natural thicket, you will have different scenery to capture and enjoy including the old Jinja power plan that supplies Uganda with Hydroelectricity and the new Jinja Bridge recently constructed. On arrival at your lodge, please take some rest in preparation for the next day and your guide will equip you with the next day actives and program for a well planning.

Day 2: Exploring the Sipi Falls

Let’s get the adrenaline popping. We shall have an early rise, our guide will drive us to the starting point where we shall hike to the of the Sipi falls, here we shall be required to consent before getting our abseiling gear won. A site guide will then help us wear our abseiling gear so that we are safe as we test our height fears down the Sipi falls. For those who will not abseil they will hike back down to the bottom of the falls and meet the rest of the team. By this time the driver will be ready to take us back to the lodge for a fun story time and experience sharing alongside a campfire and dinner. Our guide will give us a briefing of how the next day will run and how to best prepare for it.

Day 3: Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park

On this day, you will travel with our guide to Kidepo Valley National Park Further North of Uganda around 440 km approximately 8-9 hours’ drive from Sipi Falls. Most of the road here is a village maram so you will carry Rwenzori bottled water for drinking, cooking at the lodge and bathing since further north of Uganda is pretty semi-arid with no piped water so there is need to carry bottled water for safe use as compared to rain water which may be muddy in the local wells and unsafe for cooking. You will pass by Soroti town where you will have an early lunch before continuing to Kidepo.

Along the way, you will encounter small huts of the local inhabitants the Karamoja people, you will be able to have an experience of how primitive locals live with some not wearing cloths, women bathing men, cows drinking water from wells humans use for fetching drinking water and once you’re at the lodge feel free to relax and enjoy the wilderness views while at your lodge.

Day 4: Game Drive in Kidepo Valley National Park

We shall wake up early for a morning game drive, an early rise stands us chance to see the big cats before they rest under the shade away from the sun making it hard to see them. You will also stand chances of see a couple of wildlife like the cheetah, ostrich and pangolin which are endemic to Kidepo Valley National Park. However there are other wildlife you stand chances of encountering like the pride of lions, giraffes, zebras, monkey species and several bird species some endemic to the Northern Park of Uganda Kidepo specifically.

You will also enjoy a community experience with the Karamoja local people, you will be able to go in there households and see how they sleep, how they cook experience their cultural dance and then finally buy a few souvenirs from the local ladies to support their works. Thereafter, you will be driven back to the lodge for a day’s rest and enjoy the nigh roars of the lion sand the whispers of the wilderness.

Day 5: Road Transfer to Murchison Falls National park

You will have an early rise and your guide will help you transfer to Murchison falls National Park, this will be going south of Kidepo Valley and moving a little North West of Uganda for about 365.7 kms a 7-8 hour drive on a maram road. Being a bumpy road, you will be provided with drinking water in the car and a packed lunch so that you make it to Murchison falls on time. On arrival at Murchison Falls, you can take a rest at the lodge and the guide will brief you of how the next day will run for a smooth planning.

Day 6: Game Drive in Murchison Falls National park

Rise early and transfer to the northern sector of the park for a 3 hours game drive experience. An early rise can reward us with luck to see large herds of giraffes, buffaloes, and elephants, various antelope species, warthogs, hippos, bush bucks plus a variety of bird species among others and on a lucky day will spot lions and leopards. Have our lunch and relaxation at the delta before being driven to the Nile for a 2 hour boat cruise.

You will encounter a variety of water and land animals + birds including hippos, Nile crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes as they rest on the banks plus notable birds like African fish eagle, Cormorants, Geese, Pelicans, Egrets and many more.

Day 7: Road Transfer to Entebbe

Wake-up to breakfast, check out of the lodge and prepare for transfer back to Kampala/ Entebbe where we end our trip. Your guide will drive you back to Entebbe through Masindi, Kampala up to Entebbe where your trip will end.